Al-Sheikh wins the bowling professors' championship

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Badr Al Sheikh, President of the Saudi Bowling Federation, Hassan Al Sheikh, won the Saudi Masters Championship in the game yesterday, after defeating Fahd Alama in the final match by three sets of two games.

While Abdul Rahman Al-Khalili and Moaid Al-Qahtani finished third, at the end of the tournament hosted by the Al-Qossabi Sports Center in Al-Khobar.
Al-Sheikh receives the first place prize, whose value is 10 thousand riyals, while the second place prize of 8 thousand riyals went to Fahd Allama, and Moaidh Al-Qahtani and Abdul Rahman Al-Khalili received an amount of 6 thousand riyals each.

Create challenges
Badr Al Sheikh noted that the competition was at its peak and according to what was planned by the Saudi Bowling Federation.
He explained, "Regulations have been put in place that include a number of challenges to contribute to raising the potential of players and enabling them to compete during their participation in international forums."
Al Sheikh announced the success of the Masters Championship in its fourth edition.

He pointed out that the game association sought to create an artistic environment for all players to compete in local tournaments, saying that it would renew blood. The main goal, according to the Federation's president, is to expand the circle of competition.

Increased competitiveness
Hassan Al Sheikh, the first place holder, considered that the system followed in the tournament increased the degree of competition between the 16 participants.
"This is what the Saudi player needs during this period, to play for as long as possible and not to waste any result during the preliminary rounds," he said.

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