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Hassan leads the bowling professors

Yesterday, Hassan Al Sheikh, the player of the Saudi Bowling National Team, grabbed the title of the 2019 Masters Bowling Championship, which concluded its competitions at City Bowling Center in Jeddah after overcoming it.

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Bowling competes in America

Today, the teams ’competition, the third world championship for bowling in the American city of Las Vegas, begins with the participation of, flames of ammunition and Moayed Al-Qahtani.

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Allama achieves the 2020 Masters Championship

Fahad Allama, player of the first Saudi bowling team, won the 2020 Masters Cup, which concluded its competition at the Al-Gosaibi Bowling Center Hotel's hall on December 5, 2020. Badr Al Sheikh, president of the Saudi Bowling Federation, won the championship cup and the gold medal in the player Fahd Allama

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Saudi quintet to the bowling finals

Five-year-old Adel Al-Barqi, Abdul-Rahman Al-Khelaiwi, Sultan Al-Masry, Sari Al-Jazaery and Kamal Filemban, the players of the Saudi Bowling Team, succeeded yesterday in hijacking the qualification round to the final rounds.

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Bowling competes in America

Today, the teams ’competition, the third world championship for bowling in the American city of Las Vegas, starts with the participation of Wahib Kemfar, Moayed Al-Qahtani, Yasser Abu Al-Reesh and Abdullah

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The Dilian crowned the bowling heroes

Youssef Al-Dulaijan, member of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Bowling Federation, player Abdul-Rahman Al-Khelaiwi won the fourth individual youth championship for bowling and the gold medal, which concluded its competitions on

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Cell Snatch Individual Bowling

Abdul Rahman Al Khelaiwi, the player of the Saudi bowling team, managed to kidnap the 19th men's individual championship title, after he was overthrown by Osama Abdul Rahman, the Bahraini national team player, in

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Bowling enters Asian fray

Today, the Saudi Youth Bowling Team enters the 20th Asian Championship for Schools in Hong Kong, after yesterday participating in the official training for all teams

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Cellular harvested bronze world

Young player Abdul Rahman Al-Khelwi achieved a global achievement for Saudi sport in bowling when he won the 3rd place and the bronze medal in the World Youth Championship, which was held competitions

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