Calendar of the Saudi Bowling Federation for the year 2021

ChampionshipHistoryHost citySports CenterMobile
January Women's Championship (Riyadh / Jeddah / Khobar)18/01/21RegionsRegionsExpired
January Men's Championship (Riyadh / Jeddah / Khobar)20/01/21RegionsRegionsExpired
Basic Skills Course Q1 (Riyadh / Jeddah / Khobar)31/01/21RegionsRegionsExpired
February Women's Championship (Riyadh / Jeddah / Khobar)08/02/21RegionsRegionsPostponed
February Men's Championship (Riyadh / Jeddah / Khobar)10/02/21RegionsRegionsPostponed
Basic Skills Course Q1 (Riyadh / Jeddah / Khobar)21/2/2028RegionsRegionsSetup in progress ...
March Women's Championship (Riyadh / Jeddah / Khobar)01/03/21RegionsRegionsSetup in progress ...
March Men's Championship (Riyadh / Jeddah / Khobar)03/03/21RegionsRegionsSetup in progress ...
The Twenty-fifth Men's Individual Union Open Championship16-20/3/2021RiyadhWorld Bowling CenterPostponed
District camp (RC)20-27/3/2021JeddahJeddahPostponed
The tenth individual union championship for women26-27/3/2021DammamAlgosaibi Sports CenterPostponed
Basic Skills Course Q1 (Riyadh / Jeddah / Khobar)31/03/21RegionsRegionsSetup in progress ...




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