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Board Members


Bader Al-Alshaikh

Chairman of the Board
Layer 0

Moueed Al-Qahtani

Vice Chairman of the Board
Layer 2

Jayed Al-Otaibi

The Secretary General
Layer 3

Dr. Razan Bakr

Member of the Board of Directors
Layer 4

Yousef AlDulaijan

Member of the Board of Directors

Ahmad Al-Alshaikh

Member of the Board of Directors

Waheeb Kamfar

Member of the Board of Directors
Layer 5

Talal Al-Tuwairb

Member of the Board of Directors

Our strategy

Our message

Motivating the community to practice bowling, spreading its culture, and upgrading it to become one of the first sports in the Kingdom

Our goal

Expanding the base of bowlers and providing resources to develop talents and building national training staff that contribute to bringing achievements at the international level

Our vision

To become an excellent sport model by developing the sport of bowling in all its technical aspects, and developing a Sports management system that contributes to achieving the goals.

Our goals

Spread the sport of bowling

Encouraging and spreading the game of bowling throughout the Kingdom among citizens and increasing the number of practitioners 

Competitive teams

Building competitive teams to acquire achievements at the regional and international levels

Support sports activities

Supporting school sports activities in order to develop students' personalities and equip them with teamwork skills, and introduce the game.

Creating national cadres

Building a national training cadre at a level befitting the Kingdom, thus contributing to the growth of sport internally and achieving the highest results at the international level.

Provide new resources

Find and provide new resources for bowling development

Community participation

Achieving social participation through cooperation between the Federation, governmental and non-governmental institutions, and members of society as a whole.




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