Saudi women's bowling team ends its participation in the World Cup

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The Saudi women's bowling team ended yesterday its participation in the Women's World Championship, where it was represented by four players, who participated in the singles, doubles and triple competitions.

In the three-way competitions, the Saudi team consisting of Mashael Al-Abed Al-Wahid, Nahla Adas and Ghada Nimr won the 50th place in the overall standings out of 62 teams, while the team consisting of Amani Al-Ghamdi, Hadeel Termin and Maryam Al-Dossari ranked 54.
In the team competition, the Saudi team ranked 26th in the overall standings out of 34 participating teams in the tournament.

Although the team achieved late positions, despair did not find a way to the hearts of its players, as they published positive statements, which saw the half full of the cup, where Dr. Razan Bakr, a member of the board of directors and supervisor of the team said: “The positive impact of the players is greater. A success to our experience. The team's achievement of late positions in a strong tournament like this is not a loss, but rather informative lessons on the technical and social level of the game for the players, and adding wealth to them, and the pride of the girls of the nation who represented him honorably with the testimony of all the teams participating in the World Cup. She added, “The Saudi Bowling Federation registered a women's footprint in the history of international bowling for the first time in its history with the support of Badr bin Abdullah Al Sheikh, its chairman, and Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Sports Authority, and we all have confidence in the girls of our country and their ability to achieve achievements Honorable and similar to the achievements of our men in the game.

It is noteworthy that the tournament took place in Las Vegas, USA, starting on August 22, and the Saudi women's team participated for the first time in its history, and the visit of Vivien Law, Secretary-General of the World Bowling Federation, Saudi players, and her expression of joy to them in their presence in this global forum.

The Saudi green bowling players will continue their exercises after returning home, in preparation for the seventh individual championship for women to be hosted by Riyadh, the Saudi capital, on September 7, and then the 25th Asian Championship for women that will be held in Kuwait from 20 to 30 October.

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